This website stealing our efforts

we have found through one of our clients that this [link removed] site is selling pirated products stealed from themeforest and publishing them as they own it. Please envato team take an urgent action.

Someone help us how to stop this piracy

Envato’s policy about piracy is not to take action and let authors send DMCA notices.
And of course, giving links to pirate sites is not allowed, as it could direct potential buyers there.

Wow that’s pretty [removed] up, and I mean envato not the pirating. There’s no way that established pirates who have such audacity are going to listen to some random author. That’s really unprecedented, envato might as well just hand sales to them on a silver platter, their laziness is losing them their own sales. No wonder sales have been down for so many people.

Envato’s help have this info and this info.

I’m almost certain that copyright law says that only the copyright owner i.e. the author are legally allowed to submit a DCMA.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t make any difference if it’s an author or an organization the size of envato - these people don’t care and will continue to do what they do even if they have to open up a new link somewhere else.

It’s much more productive for authors to keep on top of updates etc. to at least make it harder for them to have the most up to date versions etc.

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Just want to add to this with my own experience.

You can definitely send a DMCA complaint to these websites. There’s plenty of examples of a DMCA complaint online. I think has a free tool. You can then use whois to find the admin email for the domain. Send the DMCA there.

But what if they don’t take it down? Or there is privacy protection on the whois?

You can send a DMCA complaint to Google, they have a page for it, and you can add all of the URLs to the pages giving away your items.

Google in turn will remove those URLs from the search results completely. It’s my understanding that Google may also punish websites if they get enough complaints. Bing has similar options but they are obviously a lot less popular. You can take the extra time to do this for Bing if you wish, but I don’t know the process.

So you won’t get those pages taken down, but they will stop showing in search results.

To file a Google DMCA complaint,

  1. Use the Google DMCA form.
  2. Fill out your personal information.
  3. Under “Identify and describe the copyrighted work” explain that your item is a web theme/template being sold through ThemeForest.
  4. Under “Where can we see an authorized example of the work?” put a link to your item’s page on ThemeForest.
  5. Under “Location of infringing material” put all of the infringing URLs, one per line.

For this to work, the pages must include your preview image or a copy of your description, or contain a download link to your file. Be careful not to include affiliate websites.

*Note: The DMCA complaint that you send to Google will be publicly available for anyone to see. I think it may hide your name but it could potentially show it.


Thanks for all you guys for sharing these valuable information, the first act we have took is reporting to google…and we will chk the other options and how we can proceed with that…hope that google input is valuable and will make an action

“This website stealing our efforts”

One of the best forum thread captions I have ever seen.