copyright abuse massive

Hi there!
a few months ago I posted about a site where a lot, and I mean lots , of our files are available there, and also they suggest to download from a server by saling a premium package as well as getting file on demand .
I have submited a ticket regarding this and nothing happend, envato deleted my post on this forum allegating confidential issues around the dcma . Since nothing happend and every file I upload endsup by free there or worst, they charge for them, envato suggested me that I should take the dcma claim on my hands, but it is francatelly imposible to get a response nor to follow this, too many servers, for every file . Im looking for ideas, team work, anything we can do together .

cheers, Celeste


Clearly Envato should follow up on this, BUT there are ways of reporting websites like this as consumers.

Every website (or domain name) still needs to be registered and normally the governing body ICANN because they issue REGISTRARS with responsibilities to buy domain names.

Follow through the procedures on that page.

Normally registrants of websites do not want issues with websites especially those dealing with Warez or Pirate themes. Try this.

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The second option, is to find out who the registrant of the website is, and then you contact them directly and explain your concerns.

In which case the point of contact would be Namecheap - abuse@ and the domain name for namecheap :wink:

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Did a quick look through of this site and I found a few of my tracks on there as well. Honestly, Envato should be following up on this since this site does seem to be taking “their” materials and giving them away (or requiring payment for membership it looks like) for items. Whether or not Envato sees this site as an actual problem is a whole other thing, but nonetheless, if Authors here are expressing concern, Envato should at least have some person look into it.

Can any mods here or anything offer suggestions? I would email them as well, however I don’t expect any replies from them. I think the actual company reaching out would do better, but I also see a LOT of stuff on there. I primarily do trailer music here and I scrolled through and saw tons of music from Audiojungle as well as the big boys like Really Slow Motion and Audiomachine all plastered through there. Even some Kontakt libraries and sound libraries from big companies.

hey guys, thanks for replying

it is huge.
how do we get authors involved? when envato first deleted the post regarding confidenciality i was certain they were on it, -early september- . maybe this process takes a lot of time, i don´t know but they keep uploading my AE files.

I´ve sent an email to someone on envato help asking to moderate.

also, how could we get authors to express concern about this ?

I don´t see a complaint regarding copyrights or dcma, only domain names,is it possible?

Domain Registrars and Hosting Providers

If you encounter a website with malicious content or malware, you need to reach out to the web hosting company and/or domain name registrar to report the site.

It’s important to understand the difference between a domain registrar and a domain hosting company. Domain name registrars act as “pointers” to websites but don’t always also host the actual content.

For example, people who register domain names with a company “A” can use other companies to host their content (for example company “B”). They tell company A where to point their domain to reach their content. It’s helpful to think of the domain as the street address and the hosting provider as the actual house.

If the problem is with the content of the website, you need to report abuse to the hosting provider, as registrars typically cannot take action against content hosted elsewhere.

In this case the nameservers are: so you would need to report this to Reporting abuse - Cloudflare

In an ideal world the BIG FISH (ie Envato) should see sites like these and go after them for copyright or dcma takedowns. But as individuals, you or we can also report similar websites if we know they are infringing copyright.

Usually going at the registrant is a worthwhile exercise, because as time goes by, there is more and more registrars and hosting companies realising that by hosting negative content, they risk a lot of possible issues.

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great, I ll do . also sent dmca to share. ae., as well as servers .

it seems this issue its being there for the last 10 years despite envato efforts. same site . It didn’t know that. my post was deleted for containg the site with copyright violations.

we all should send dcma s :melting_face: or just accept this as the old post says

thank you guys!

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