How to report piracy ?



how can I report a site ?


Submit a ticket


hi, yes Charlie said it all lol except that if u really want to fight efficiently and quickly against this, u should do it on your own, i mean u should contact the site hosting your stolen item and call for infringement of rights, it will be way faster and way more secure for you to make sure that something is done quickly about it, if somethign can be done, obviously …


They are copying all of the themeforest themes and give it for free. I reported to Envato because is not just me.


there are tons of sites in all categories who do these sorts of things … sadly enough, this is very hard to fight against this plague indeed …


IF you remove the site from google then people won’t be able to find it easily


lol well if u ask me, this is a beautiful dream that u are having … by the way please explain to me how did the reported websites fully loaded with items from different marketplaces are not gone for long already?


Here you can make a dcma notification this is payed

free submition -

This is how we can take down the content from Google


I would be interested in this, many website pirate my works…
but I can not get to complete the request with google. When I reported all then what should I do? It is not understandable

fill out the request fields and then tells me to contact the webmaster of the offending website… thank you so much google -_- if he reply to me maybe I’m not here


I filled in for at least 10 sites, now I’m going to wait the reply from Google. I also reported to Envato and they said that are going to check it out.


from my own experience, Envato does not interfere and does not protect well the designers…
I’m sorry, but where you send the website links to google? I really don’t find it
thank you


Web Search->I have a legal issue that is not mentioned above->I have found content that may violate my copyright->Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf->Other

Then at the end you have something like

Please use this form to submit your request. Note that you may be required to log in to a Google Account to submit your request.


Thank you My friend! You really helped me! :smiley:


beware my friend, there is a group of corporatist watching over people as of late , u may get into trouble lol

mores seriously, i believe this is hard for all to do handle all this, the thing is that it would take some international cyber patrol to really handle this properly …


you right my friend, it was a thing to start to manage years ago… and don’t start now, but no one can predict the future … the problem is the people are taking advantage of others work


u are right , i think that the most important thing again is the mushrooming effect that is to say that it may get from one site to the other …


For this you can take help page and report any website.


Did you have success with reporting it to google? I am in this process right now.