Copyright Violation ignoring DMCA

Fellow authors,

from item sales I recently noticed a website RESELLING my product (along with many many other envato products) for a fraction of the price.

They have a DMCA filing section where I already posted twice. Result? completely ignored and they keep posting the newest version of my products in there. How should move forward with that?



Contact envato support from

Hi Amazee,

thanks for that I sent a request…let’s hope they can do something. Actually that site is seriously hurting many authors here on Envato, I’m surprised that they are even allowed to be still online.

While you did the right thing letting them know the issue is that any DCMA has to come from the copyright holder which is not envato, and unfortunatey as fast as people complain about these sites they just launch elsewhere.

There’s no justification for what they do but it’s near on impossible for authors or envato to make a proper difference to tackling them.

Thanks charlie,

and regarding the DCMA, I send two already (being the copyright holder)…and both got ignored.