This logo got rejected, any suggestion for me?

The Graphic reiver reviewer rejected this logo telling its not the quality logo.
Do you guys have some sympathy to share with me? :3
What can I do to shade some quality on it?
What can I avoid?
Any critic would be helpful.
(Another question: Should I keep posting those type of posts as it is my 4th rejection?, and I will volume up the submission number)
Here are some pictures of it:

Thanks for your valuable time.

There are way to many fire /flames logos. This concept is totally overdone.

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Thanks for your answer.

LOL ahahah so they should reject anything having a flame inside … so i really do not believe in this explanation indeed … the fact of the matter is that u may say that this is not original enough as regard to the wild catalogue of existing logos but this is a different story in the end …

besides , once again, there is a big issue as regard to the typo and many authors, especially for the logo field are not suspecting how much typo is important … in this case the used fonts are not matching with the style of the illustration and in addition they are not imbricating well enough is the “drawn” part … not to mention that the tagline is indeed too thin and thus hardly readable / visible …

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Shouldn’t the reviewer indicate the problem instead of just pressing the “not quality standard” button? dumb Graphic river reviewer :confused:

Can you please suggest any title and tagline font that will match with this flame logo. It would be helpful :slight_smile: .