Hard rejected items (Logos) graphic river

Why my items get hard rejected although i followed all steps and upload conditions ?

With respect there’s nothing premium about these. Aside from that:

  • the flame looks like a graphic/vector rather than being custom made?

  • the football is stretched as does the heart

  • the second (green one) is one to forget

What about that also ?!!!

The pencil one is ok but still not right for here the second is way off.

With respect - they all look like clip-art or basic vector icons coupled with very basic typography

Many thanks .

hi Ahmed
the football one, i already more or less answered in another thread … the logo is not completely the same but i guess that most of observations apply here too …
the leaf one, how can i say , pls do not take it personally … but there is nothing there , man! the typo is miles away from the standards … there is not variation, no font combo, the tagline and name are not in the right proportion, there is not originality whatsoever , too , besides , to be honest for this logo , this observation is valid for the whole item … there is much more than a deja vu feeling indeed! look why would anyone in the review team accept something like this anyway … there is no commercial potential at all… people would not save time out of buying so they would choose to redo rather than buy … this way they would save money as they would not saved time in any event …
flame one
basically all the is said for the leaf one is true as far as this item is concerned except for the tagline and name the proportion is better and thus the hierarchy off better and u have even a better hierarchy by introducing more variation, though , there is still a real deja vu feeling coming from this item and u have to give the illustration part in particular more attention and originality indeed

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the “we compare one”
well first of all hard to identify what is the relationship between the name and the illustration nd concept … and for me this is a major problem as regard to coherence and i guess a lot of people will feel the same indeed. For the typo , everything that i said for the leaf logo is true here , so ni need that i repeat it all … u really have to nail it, buddy! here standards are high about typo, u cannot just put some text a bit randomly and consider ok “i have a logo made” , no! the typo alone may lead u to many rejections , no matter what is the category that u belong to. This is their main focus …
otherwise, the lines are too thin, look here they consider the logo in small and very small size and loo at what u have when u do not click on the preview to have a larger version … this is hard to identify what it is and quite frankly the bottom line is that this is far from super aesthetic, beautiful or outstanding as almost nothing is popping … u have to keep in mind that marketplaces and logo creation as a freelancer is not necsasily the same … here u have to try to fit most of people needs and to make things very adaptable for potential buyers …

the pencil
as for me i like it but once again the typo is too flat and common. Fo the horizontal version, pls rather flag the text on the left to follow the illustration, at the moment this is not imbricating super well

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I made some modifications to this item … Is this becoming more original?

hi i answered to you in the other thread and in any case, to be honest apart from the ball not being distorted, i see the good amount of very same mistake in both versions …

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