My logo has been rejected. Why?

Hello, I did not understand why my logo was rejected. Is there anyone who can help with this? thank you.

My Logo

this is the file I uploaded. what is wrong?

Please just attach Image-Preview here

here in this way

I think you should learn more about what does is it mean a logo. there is nothing in your design hint to cloud or fire.also the fonts just make 1 font and do it well.

hi there are a variety of things to say about your logo, the first one and the most obvious reason - in my view - why your item has been rejected is that there is not real concept between what have here … hard to identify the link between the name and the associated shape and, in addition, both part seem quite disconnected from each other and the difference of colors between these two, without an existing link, is emphasizing this lack of homogeneity that i have just told u … . BTW, both parts also fail to imbricate , you should put the text up and make it go close from the illustration , it will solve this part of the problem. Otherwise the typo looks distorted and apart from not looking good as such , this is also making very little sense with the supposed theme of the logo … still about the typo, this is lacking variations and font combinations and the bottom line is that introducing some tagline may help u to fix some of the issues that u have as regard to typo …

I disagree with the others about the shape lacking concept, I think it’s very obvious what it’s going for and there’s no real disconnect at all, besides, not all logos need to have a direct literal representation of what they’re being used for, it just needs to invoke a feeling. It’s soft and wavy like a cloud, and it’s shape looks like a flame.

However, I do think it could be done much better, and the font choices don’t do it justice, I can definitely agree with the others on that. When making a logo, you have to really pay attention to the slightest details, because most people are able to see when something looks off, even if they don’t know what it is. I think one of the main issues is how unnatural the curves are, and that they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. I would recommend using circles at every curve and peak, then adapt those areas to the circles, if that makes sense. Take a look at this squirrel logo, you can see that they used circles to define the curves, making it much more natural and pleasing. It might also be worth adding one or two small shapes apart from the main mark to help emphasis that it’s a flame/cloud, something similar to what you see in this logo, which is also another example of using circles to define curves.


Thank you very much for your thoughts and other words. I will try to make and upload a logo with more smooth curves and a single typeface. :smirk: