This item is no longer available????????

I want to ask something, that an Author uploaded a script and did not update or make any latest version of it for 1 or 2 years, also dont provide the support properly and after that Author or Envato delete the file and Customer got a message “This item is no longer available”. That’s mean we waste our money on that item. Because We dont get any new updates/functions or anything thing and we lost our project.

So is this a normal thing?


Items can be removed from the site at any time, either by the author or by Envato… that’s why it clearly states on the download page that you should store the item somewhere safe after downloading. Unfortunately there are no refunds if you’ve lost the item… although exceptions may be made if you’ve never downloaded the item, or the item is removed shortly after purchase.

As for updates, these are neither guaranteed and in a small amount of cases, not necessary. It depends on the item. So although updates are not a requirement (and new functionality is definitely not a requirement), it is required that the item works as described. If it doesn’t, contact support.

If the item included support for six months at the time of purchase, and the item has been removed within that six month period… contact support, hopefully they can help.