Some Authors Projects deleting and not providing the updates

Some Authors Projects deleting and not providing the updates.When the script purchase time lifetime updates provided like that they are written but after few months thay are removing prjects and not responding to buyers.Is it correct and how to control this type of Authors


may be there are any specific reason to remove the Item. More info here.


Not specific reason.Now I contact one of the author.He saying we are stopped sales in envato market and we didn’t give any service for old purchase customers.I you need support again purchase it from our site they suggested if you need support on that ask envato like that he is talking now

This is the conversation with Author: thesoftking

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See the Chat conversation with Author


Me: we purchased your script in envato market

Author: how to get the support and updates of that projects but last 2-3 months the project not available in envato market

Me :DCode - Coupon Code Listing Platform | Miscellaneous

Author: we’ve stopped selling on Envato and selling directly from our website.
Please purchase from our website so we can provide full support.

Author : Regarding your previous purchase, you can contact Envato for any kind of support or assistance.

Me : Script is yours then how they will support ,are you continue the same purchase with you are not

Me : now you are started the own selling but old customers also your responsibility only.or lose the old customers what type of decision you are taking on this issue

Me : but need product support and updates as per commitments

Author :Please check the previous reply

Me: selling stopped that is oke no further sellings in envato market but we are already
purchased your script i am asking about purchased one

Me: when the time of purchase you are already promised about updates and support

Author: Regarding your previous purchase, you can contact Envato for any kind of support or

Me : so you can’t continue with product support am i right

Me : this is not correct and next we can’t purchase anything from your business and no recommendations from our business side total link break in btw both parties

As you mentioned in the conversation with Author and as a author I understand product support is author responsibility. If author decide to not sell their item in envato market this is bad luck for customers who bought their item(s). sorry! to say but in this case you can hire a freelancer/developer. Also if you purchased the item most recently you can contact envato support. Thanks