This Item hard rejected need your review for improve next item

This item hard rejected…Please Give me your feedbacks

Hi. The app promo needs more visual impact in my opinion. It´s too flat to catch customer interest. And today this kind of promos needs a 3D cellphone model moving around, that gives a high quality look to your promo and will be a big change for sure, look other examples on Videohive and you´ll see the difference. Colors are nice to me.
Good Luck! :+1:

I don´t understand very well the AI file problem, sorry about that.

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Ok…thank you …so much:blush::blush:
i ll give my best
i have given that mobile asset as a illustrator file(.ai) in main zip file, so i asked…


it is still in review queue only…:grin:

So it wasn´t rejected?
Giving a second look to your promo I think also that transitions should be smoother. There´s a big visual contrast between the direct cuts you use as transitions and the slow moves of the cellphone.

ohh…ok ok …in my last video someone said your mobile phones are moving slow submarine…so , i increased that speed…is there any solution for avoiding direct cuts from one scene to another…?

Slow fades are the simplest solution, but using screens as 3d layers for transitions would be more interesting I guess. Look at this example:

There´s no 3d cellphone model but transitions style creates a nice look (anyway I like 3d cellphone models moving) and layers inside comps are 3d layers moving, and that gives depth to the project.

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yeah its nice only…any way thank you for your help…:blush:
i wish you also ll get great and big sales…we ll see whether its getting approval or…

Good Luck with approval so! :+1::blush:


that item got Hard Rejected @GoForMotion

Hi. This I said before is all I can tell about item improvement, just my point of view, but most of all try to look other examples approved to see differences between them and yours about details, animation, 3d layers, transitions, etc.

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ok thank you …i 'll do in next item:smile::smile: