This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard

Hello everyone,
one of my tracks was rejected because it does not meet the quality standards. I am actually always open for feedback and ciritc but this decision seems to be wrong. I think with 9 years experience in music production and sounddesign I am able to produce content that meets the quality standards. The only thing that I can imagine is that its maybe not 100% clear that the part at the end is a seperated loop part and does not belong to the main track?

How should I proceed? Is there a way to submit it again?

I wish you a great day!

The mix is not good - too much mid with no bottom end. The riff is very hard on my ears and very repetitive. Also no ending. P.S you cannot resubmit a previously Hard rejected item - it’s part of Envato’s T&C’s.

Hello gbalix. I will consider to check out your ciritc and listen to the mix on several different studio speakers and headphones again.

Best regards