"item does not meet the general commercial quality standard" Is it Mixing?Mastering?Composition?

Hey guys, all good?

I’m a new member of Audio Jungle. I’ve submitted two batches of songs to be reviewed.
The first one with 5 songs, and the second one with 3.

One song was approved out of each batch, and that’s ok (even though the first five have all been approved in different Libraries, but that’s just a fun fact because obviously, every library has its own criteria).

The problem is, the comments of the reviewer aren’t clear, and because I have no idea of why the tracks don’t meet the commercial standard, most of my tracks keep on falling in that category…

I want to build a big portfolio here in Audio Jungle but in order to do that, I have to understand what I’m doing wrong. Can you please let me know why you think this track was rejected? Thanks!

In my opinion not bad, it is difficult to say what is wrong with this track. It seemed to me that the guitar (or the tail overlaps the neighboring chord) sounds a little but not in the key. Perhaps I would make the snare a little softer and give him more space. Also the track is cut off in the end incorrectly, there is a noise what that (after 2:58).

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@CleanMagicAudio, thank you for your reply.
Can you specify the time where you feel the guitar sounds out of tune? I can’t really tell…

As for the snare, I get what you mean, but surely that’s more of an aesthetical choice than a reason for a hard rejection, right?

As for the noise in the end, yep, my bad! I wanted to keep the noise but there was supposed to have a fade out… seems like I overlooked it. But again, is that a reason for a hard reject? I could easily fade it out and re-upload it :confused:

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Concerning the guitar … Try to correct the segments 1:10-1:13, 1:26-1:28 While listening to a couple of times your track, I noticed a buzz in the lower middle of 200-500 Hz

Right! But I would soften it a little.

Noise at the end is not good, it’s probably a 50% reject. Think about the fact that the buyer will not be able to fix your track if he needs it. Of course he can cut this tail, but it’s better to do without it.

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@CleanMagicAudio Thank you so much for your detailed reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

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P.S. I’ll add, in order for you to correct everything at once … The guitar is badly read in the mix (it sinks) and also the vocal after 2:45 sounds foggy.