Please, help me with a feedback. This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

Please, help me with a feedback.

I just need to understand - is quality of mixing is not good enough ? (if so, what is wrong about it ?). I would appreciate any feedback.

Hi, I think you have several problems on this track:

  • Structure:
    The songs has no clear structure (intro, chorus, verse, etc) , not every song must have all, but this songs IMHO needs it.
  • The song theme is very repetitive
    You need some repetition in your melody thats ok but if the whole song is the same it doesn’t catch attention enough.
  • Some instruments sound outdated, AJ demands instruments and libraries that sounds current

Hope it helps

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I just thought maybe there is some problem with mixing quality that led to the rejection.

I will follow your points with the next track.

Thank you!

Don’t feel bad about it, even with all ok sometimes reviewers think a song isn’t commercial enough, just keep uploading…

Best of luck

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Just keep trying and learn more about mixing. But the more important thing is the structure of commercial track. Thats it. Good luck to you!

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Too repetitive and it lacks in mixing imho, the drums are too dry as well

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Hi Reylland!
Thank you for your support!
From the point of view of mixing what do you find most annoying in this track ?
I would really appreciate your feedback.

Hi BecomeStardust!
“lacks in mixing” - what do you exactly mean by this ?
Your feedback would help me a lot with the future tracks!

For me the drums are too dry, the snare is too high and the rest of instruments needs reverb, delay, etc…for a better location in the mix, just my opinion. The main problem is that is too repetitive.

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Hello! I think the main problem is that all instruments sounds so simple without depth. Its remember me a little that games 2D graphics, and you need to make it sound like 3D :slight_smile: And the sub bass is annoying for me. And listen at 2:35, the bass is playing something wrong… harmonically. Good luck to you!

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Thank you a lot for the feedback ! :slight_smile: it helps me a lot :slight_smile: