This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard.. What is the reason?

How can I do next items be approved?

These theme named “Fanny magic tricks”

Please explain to me why this composition does not meet the requirements of quality? How do I fix bugs and make the following compositions match the quality?

Perhaps you can advise me where I can place this composition, how to find its use? I would not like to throw it in the trash. A lot of effort and time was spent on it. The melody, in my opinion, is interesting.


I agree. It’s a nice piece of whimsical music. IMHO the top lines are perhaps not integrating naturally with the backing - too dominant in the mix. Also, the backing sounds a little underdeveloped. A little mechanical.

Just my impression upon first listen. But again, its a nice piece of whimsy.

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[Wondergarden], thank you very much for your opinion and advices! I will try to do backing sounds more hide, natural and developed. I think, you are right. Maybe, something else?

Nah, it’s a good track. My advice would be to mute the top line (temporarily) and work on the backing treating it as though one might hear the track without the melody.

Yes, thank you, this need to be done. I can’t try to upload this track to audiojungle one more time becose the rules. I do not know that can I do with track after correcting. And I firstime in this forum, I do not know about rules. Can somebody give me advice about it in the evanto forums by rules?

No. You won’t be able to re-upload here, but there are other sites. Ive had rejections here that have sold quite well elsewhere.

Thank you so much for your time and patience with my question!

If someone else has some criticism, an idea, or just a “kind word”, then I will be very grateful!

Could you kindly send me a private message: on which platforms you recommend to publish this composition? Telegram: Contact @iLya_2023_1 Thank you!