Third Soft Reject, NEED HELP

I’ve got third soft reject with this comment:

  1. Sorry to say, but I am not seeing significant changes here as requested twice already. Design is not prime-ready, look bland and empty and no attention to details at all and there’s a difference between minimal vs unfinished design, please make a note of that:

You can see my theme here.
It’s hard for me to understand what reviewer mean, did he mean that my design is too bad that I should change all theme, all blocks? I did some changes before, but as he wrote he didn’t see it.

I know that design is not good, but why he gave me soft reject if he wants me to change whole design?

Can you help me, please?

i think design is ok but section is need details. some design is not finished. some item not need but it added. so carefully review what section is similar to your design. thank you.

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@tarjanboy I can’t understand what kind of details? Some icons, or borders?

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happy to returned message. so your site is constraction but your site image says another. button name i see you write “contact us” so it is wrong. contact section should be diffrent section. home page space is very big. content is small focus than image. if any incorrect ans please forgive me. thanks.

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@tarjanboy thanks a lot!

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