Soft reject after soft reject ... I need help, please!

Hello Friends,

Today, we got soft reject. the last comment of the reviewer : (Sorry to say, but the changes are not enough.) ===== that’s it :no_mouth:

screen shot of the old design :
Please advice
Could you please suggest me how can I improve this theme?
Happy Christmas

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your template is very good but what message reviewer soft rejected? please reply thanks, regards.

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hi Jeriteam
thanks for replay , the last comment of the reviewer : "changes are not enough"
i redesigned the footer and the shop page,widget title (i already posted the screenshot of the old design)
i have made a change on the theme fonts , size , padding, marging
please check this :

I think that you design wordpress need improvement are new design right from the start need margin, padding, font: 15px; font-family: (use you font that you want but clear easy to read); line-height: 26px; 3 columns widgets of footer, re design woocomerce, you can change icon of comments. regards.

p.s: Sorry my bad english because I not speak english, I speak spanish.


thanks again , any other suggestion

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it’s not mobile responsive fulfilled.

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