themeforest theme The7 and WP Bakery Visual Composer

I have inherited a website built in The7 - a themeforest theme, with an in theme Visual Composer. How can I update the VC? When will themeforest release the update for WP bakery visual composer?

The update to the plugin can only be accessed through the account which purchased the theme.

You can buy a raw copy of the plugin but almost certainly the plugin will be modified for a theme as advanced as that one so you may well end up with more/different errors.

Probably your best option would be to buy another license for the theme and then you will have ongoing access to the latest updates etc.

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Okay. So, one license works only on one website?

Cause I probably need it for two almost identical websites, so double costs?

And finally: why is it so hard to update the WP bakery VC in The7 ? That was part of the license in the first place, wasn’t it?

If I buy new license, who garantees me that I will not encounter the same problems?

yes each license will work only for a single appication.

Have you gotten WP bakery VC from the The7 theme plugin bundle? If yes then You can check this Help article:

If you interested to get your own license for WP bakery VC. So that you can get support from the WP bakery VC plugin Author and can update immediately when a new version will release then you can just ask the theme Author about it (future any issue).


Yes - one site = one license/purchase

This is risky with themes as advanced as this one as authors often modify the plugin so using an original copy (even up to date) could create other issues

So what is the best to do?
The theme was already bought once!
Why make a plugin then in-theme, when updates will not work properly?

To use it on another site then you need to buy a second copy (and will get a new license code for the second site).

To update the plugins - download the latest version of the themes which will include whatever version of the plugin the author has reached

@Dream-Theme are a very highly respected author so I would expect them to be keeping up to date with things when they become available

The theme is updated to the latest version; the plugin however did not update

So I’m very puzzled

Theme says it’s using v 5.5 (not sure if that is the very latest copy of the plugin)