WP Bakery and Visual Composer Are Now Two Different Products.

Hi there, I noticed that WP Bakery and Visual Composer are now two different products. But still, most of the theme developers have selected the Visual Composer option for their theme. But in reality, they are providing WP Bakery plugin.

Those who do not know about this update should search google about it. and those who know about this update. They should contact Envato so that the Envato people can ask all the themes developers to not misguide buyers.

Yes, 90% of themes say that they offer Visual Composer but in reality, they provide WP Bakery Page Builder.

In the past, both plugins were the same but from last year both products are totally separate and have different functionality.

For example, my website is built with WP Bakery plugin 5 years ago. If I install the Visual Composer plugin then I have to start working on my website from scratch.

In other words, if i have to find those themes, which support the New Visual Composer, then there is no option in the themeforest website to filter. As all the themes are misguiding. Envato team should take care of this. I do not know how to contact the envato team that is why i have created this ticket so that someone who knows how to contact them he can forward this message to the right person.

Thank you.