Themeforest has regected my Theme

I have uploaded my theme ‘chakra’ on themeforest and after 18 days waiting the review ,i got rejected without nowing exactly why.just the submission is too far off the standards themeforst require. I’m willing to fix the errors that caused this, but first i need to need what are they. My Theme is 80% based on addons i purchased from so how come it’s too far from the standards? i can word on the left 20% and fix them so here is a list of questions in my mind i need an answere:
1- is the problem in the templates i created ?
2- did i upload all the required files,i uploaded the theme zipped file, the manual and addons that i used and other related files in one zip file, a preview image and thumbnail , and a link to a preview site. so do you got all of these?
3- is the problem with the preview site
4- is the problem with the hosting, i mean if it’s slow?
5- is the problem with the php/js/css coding styles?
6- just if i can get an example( like a page on my site) or code that at least i can start working to fix it.
7- is it because of security reasons?
8- what are the standards that we are talking about?
again i’m willing to work and fix my theme, but i don’t know what is exactly the problem , and if 80% of the theme is based on an already accepted addons , so how i become too far from standards.
appreciate if you help me.

The first and most important issue - "My Theme is 80% based on addons i purchased from"
Do you have explicit permission and the right licenses from ALL authors of these addons to use them in your item? If not then the rest is redundant as you would be breaking licensing rules

Beyond that:

  • relying on plugins and addons without coding features natively together in a design is not a great approach

  • your code doesn’t validate correctly

  • there’s fundamental issues with design basics like alignment, hierarchy and typography

  • the design itself feels very outdated and lacks premium feel

  • styling throughout needs a ton of work

With all due respect you are a long long way off the standards even if you do have all the relevant licenses for the addons etc.

You would be best to check big selling items and familairise yourself with the necessary standard, quality and attention to detail.