[ThemeForest] Envato Review Times

Good to know. They would have to stick to that seeing it’s in the ad.

He said “due to legal reasons they can not extend the deadline for the contest”. If you submit the item on the very last day of contest then you are in but your item must be approved without any soft rejection :laughing:

Going though without a soft? I wouldn’t want to play those odds

Why does the turnaround for new WordPress submissions still say 35 days when absolutely everybody in this thread is reporting 45-50 days?


I told You here … I upload theme when queue was 18 days and get reviewed it after 43 days … people which submit when queue was 30-35 days will wait at least 2 months :slight_smile:

Todays I upload new theme - I think it will be reviewer about August.

I just saw this part… extending to next quarter meaning this can well go into august?

Did anyone from envato consider how many business will not survive until then? How will you compensate authors for not being able to provide what your terms promised us when we signed up and were in affect for quite some time?

You are violating your part of agrement with authors. And with being quite all the way causing more anxiety…

Seriously @Anps, when did Envato ever “compensate” anyone for things like this? Day by day your earnings are smaller, bigger taxes etc. Stop wasting your breath mate. It will go well into August and beyond. Why? Because this trend started loooong ago and no one bothered. Now it’s just taking the marketplace by storm and - I swear I don’t know how when signs where clear - it caught them off guard. And unless they work 24/7 with hugely increased human resources, they won’t catch up. Why am I saying this? Because the authors haven’t stopped submitting items to give them a chance to catch up. Because last week I saw even 30 (!!!) WP themes approved in one day, yet the review times continue to grow as testified by users in this thread.

The smart thing to do to avoid frustration would have been to push every resource they have on this matter and temporarily disable WP theme uploads until the queue got cleared. That would have taken a few days, a couple of weeks. Meanwhile newly trained reviewers would have been appointed and we would have had a clear queue with bigger staff. Sure at first some authors would have screamed angry at not being able to upload for two weeks. But hey… wouldn’t have that been better than sitting here taken for stupid looking at at least 40 days for a soft reject or a hard reject?

Again, bad, baaaad management and communication, cause “sorry, be patient” over and over again is not communication. It’s just failure and proof of failure. And don’t worry about the agreement violation. No one from Envato will admit it and the majority of authors will shut up anyway cause they hang on every dollar they can grab. Unless the big-bucks authors stand up, nothing will change and Envato will just do its thing like nothing happened. Looking back at history, we all asked for something, suggested something, got worried about something. Did it do any good? No. This is a community between authors, not between authors and Envato, don’t kid yourself.

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yep, but do something like this when author are from all over the world is impossible … I will be a first social community strike ever… :slight_smile:

I know site from Poland which collapse because they entirely change design, put some new functions and piss off everyone - and they stop using it, just like that… but unite all authors in here is almost impossible.

The only think they can do is to stop temporarily upload WP Themes - but this will kill them and peoples will go to others shops.

But big bucks author live from few themes and are not impacted by review times :slight_smile: and now days being power elite with a mil or two profile isnt that special i guess. But they did mention they are implementing some new tools, maybe they will partially make reviewing automated. Will see. But as you stressed the thank you for your patience does not cut it anymore.

Believe it or not, from Envato’s stand point, as a business, some authors are more relevant than others, because they bring in more money than others. You don’t need to “unite” 1000 authors from all over the world, only 5-6-7 that have the power to make a financial wave. But hey… let’s not incite to riots. Let’s be “patient”.

Yes I know about this authors … some of them move to other shops right now … but what they can do, stop selling, stop earning ?

I always say in here … the most low quality themes are created by super elite authors ( not everyone ) … probably because they even do not wait in queue.

And I say it third time or more … Envato do not lose any money because this queue … works sells that same … only new and small authors lose on this

@Anps Of course they are not impacted - for now - by review times. And I do have a feeling that if it were the case of a new upload, there would be some preferential treatment, but I won’t put money on this statement, just a feeling. And that’s why BigBuck authors won’t get involved.

@WordicaThemes If they can, why not, or find alternative sources of income. Templating is not the only business. Anyway, that’s a choice for each and every one to make for themselves and everyone has their own tipping point when they say “enough is enough”.

Final Approved after 50 days with 3 Soft rejection :slight_smile: Each soft rejection takes 3 to 4 days to review :smiley:

We got first review after 48 days. And got review for soft reject after one day.

Why Envato doesn’t answer?

Everybody waiting when wp queue someday will stop falling down … :slight_smile: magic 35 days … I get 43 days + 3x3days for soft reject. But I must admit that this soft reject learn me a lot as this is my first WP in here and kailoon behave like teacher for me :slight_smile: Every other soft reject was 1) usababily 2) code changes …

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@kailoon is the best :smile:


yep, they should pay him x4 standard reviewer payment


Yes kailoon is the best i can also confirm that.


@Anps has anybody reviewed by Ivor recently? He’s not around? Ivor and Kailoon one of the oldest.