[ThemeForest] Envato Review Times

:slight_smile: Hahaha, Same to you…!


yep … reviewers strike - they want higher salaries and if not … review items by yourself :wink:

HTML Site template submitted 14 days ago. Still the status is ‘queued for review’… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I just waiting +33 days after uploading my wordpress theme and it is still “Queued for Review” :slight_smile:
Any news from Envato review team?

I haven’t seen any new ‘Site Template’ approved in last 24 hours. Not sure about the reason. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Here … We must wait until June :wink: and I’m on 35 day but not sure right now I only see 1 month and waiting for 2 months :slight_smile:

One think is interesting … I add my work when queue was 18 days … which means that someone who upload item when queue was 28 days and not updated by more then week - probably he will wait 2 months for review :slight_smile:

I have submitted my first HTML Site template 15 days ago. When I submitted it, average review time was 8 days for site template. Now, it shows 13 days. It’s already 15 days but status is still ‘Queued for review’… :joy: :joy:

Funny fact . Waiting for a theme to get approved new version of wp comes out :slight_smile: what to do… soft or hard reject? Lool

Yep, 4.5 is available and I made theme when 4.4.2 was latest version :smiley:

ps. 37 days waiting and added theme when queue was 18 days.

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How long is the first review taking now a days?

I’m on my 31st day today.

No one knows what’s going on with review so no one will tell You when … maybe 2 months right now…

The 37 days you mentioned is waiting time for first review or includes any soft rejection?

First review.

Review times are escalating quickly, I expected max of one month.

37 days = 1 month and 1 week … soon will be 1,5 month…

25 Days, near to be a month :frowning:

same here, not heard anything at all yet… waiting patiently :confused:

35 days passed, Any news form envato?

39 days passed (1 month and almost 2 weeks). It will be 2 months for sure :))


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