themeforest-blueticks for long standing/experienced members

Hi Guys,

I know that we have moderators on the forum, but i think as a community we could be doing more to help.

I have just experienced some of the poorest service from one of the better know theme providers, and I thinking to myself “I have had better service from lesser know authors”. 99% of the service support providers I have had has been a standard that I personally am happy to work with. Some of the bigger names seem to be becoming complacent as regards the standards of service.

As we all know, these themes are only fit for purpose if the authors provide the necessary support to the clients. If the theme publishers have missed something and a catastrophic instance of critical failure occurs, they should be responsible for repairing this (supported or not), or it should be caught as part of the submission process.

Refunds are not a solutions as many of use will have sold a client on the theme, built the theme, then they are stuck with the theme or have to have the website rebuilt elsewhere.

My Point… users with a minimum number of purchases and a minimum number of years having been a member on envato websites should be given moderator status to raise genuine concern about a lack of basic standards in products build and support that might be missed at the point of submission.

Is there a mod that can bring this to attention of the powers that be so this can be seriously discussed?

Also if you agree with this point, please like, reply and get involved.

Without trying not to exhume a tone befitting of someone who is bitter over an bad experience, the above is either a badly needed improvement, or that hole in the market for someone else to fill.

A lot of themes on themeforest are many years old and there needs to be a clear-out, or people will just build their own on elementor. Moderation of these things needs to be on both sides, the pre and post publishing.

There’s no need to discuss anything as Envato won’t change their policy as well as the authors. Similar discussions has been taken the place on the forum where there was no winner and loser at the end.