Theme with image gallery for multi-image items in Drupal 8


Looking for a theme with an image gallery that would show articles with a multi-image field.

Images uploaded in Media manager, and a content type created with title, description, and a multi-image field, where several images for the item can be stored.

The gallery would show one of the images, with the others in thumbnails aside. Clicking on a thumbnail shows that one as the larger image.

Noticed several themes with masonry type galleries. Not clear however what happens when clicking on one of the image. Is it possible to show in the masonry a scollable full width image gallery, and when clicking an image, show a block/page with item details (title, description, image(s), …)?

Several examples for available galleries would only produce an effect when clicking an image, or show the image in more detail, but not allowing linking to more detailed content.