Minimalist gallery theme with horizontal scroll

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a minimalistic theme to showcase series of photograph. Here is an example of what I’d like (non responsive unfortunately)

The key things I’m looking for:

  • A view where all the galleries are visible with a preview of the gallery if not the whole gallery like in the example above
  • Slideshow view if an image is clicked to browse through see whole gallery
  • Minimalistic design

I spend 3+ hours looking through theme forest but couldn’t anything like that. Perhaps I just missed it, does anyone have recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

You should be looking plugin :slight_smile:

Why you don’t look in plugins?


so basically any minimalist theme where the gallery is infact just a page of plugins?

I have few minimal themes on my portfolio (below) so you could find and install the similar plugins on any of the theme, if you’d prefer. The feature you’re looking for can be provided with plugins

Ok I’ll check it out now, which plugin would you recommend?

You can check it from here

awesome thanks


This theme have all the features:

  1. Horizontal galleries with GRID, MASONRY or SLIDER/CAROUSEL components
  2. Auto lightbox with gallery arrows for next and previous image.
  3. Albums container
  4. Categories with MASONRY component

The exact page like is not in the demo but can be created in about 3 minutes (if you not have time I can do for you for about 5/10USD)

Theme link:
Demo for photos:

Thank you

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