Looking for Wordpress Theme , with the possibility to zoom pictures in portfolio/galley

Hello everyone , im having problem to find a wp theme , that let you zoom images in the portfolio/gallery section .

Im building a WP site for a Modern Art Gallery , and we need that the images of the paiting can be zoomed , for see the details and signature and the ceritfications .

Let me know if someone could help me out , id be grateful ! cause im actually usigin MIES theme , and this theme in the project section ( portfolio ) doenst let you zoom the images , so i need to puschase a new one .

Does the whole image need to zoom at once or could you just use a magnifying rollover effect that zooms the area the mouse is over?

that would be awesome !

There’s loads of plugins that do that - on my phone so can’t look right now but if you searc codecanyon you should find them and I will look later.

You will need to double check with the theme author that any plugin you choose is compatible also.

i tried some free plugin , but those works just with woocommerce , and the project section (portfolio/gallery) of MIES is pretty strange to me , would be awesome if u could help me out ! :slight_smile:

btw , thx for your time Charlie !

This one would do the whole image

For area zoom try this one, this one or this one

This also looks good but you need to look into layouts etc.

Again checking form my phone so not 100% on these without more research but as several are free I suggest test and learn strategy to try them out.

If it has to be a gallery then you should just be able to create a regular WP gallery and apply the effect (read the info with each plugin on how to do it).

If in doubt on compatibility then check with the author

you may struggle to implement these plugins with a portfolio template in a theme so you might find it easier to create a regular gallery on a normal page over using the theme’s built in portfolio.

If your theme uses Visual Composer then what you need is definitely this

You can just drop me an email if you’d like I can help you on this

Charlie , do u have any advice about a gallery plugin , with the feature that im looking for ? ( zoom or magnifying rollover effect that zooms the area the mouse is over )

thx for ur time mate !!

Did you try any of the plugins linked in my earlier post? Almost all claim to be able to create native WP galleries.

If you create a blank page (don’t use one that is a portfolio page template) then one if not more of these should be able to do it?