Looking for Portfolio Theme

Hi, I am looking for a portfolio theme to display my photographs. So far I have not find one that ticks all my boxes.

The theme on the link below comes close but no cigar. It has big pictures, which is a requirement. But then I would like to have no meny, only some social media links.
Also, when you click an image, it shouldn’t go to a different page. It should place an enlarged version of the image on top of everything, and you should be able to flip though images from the same series as the clicked image right there on the sides of the enlarged image.

I hope my weird explanations works :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you think of a wordpress theme like that?


Hi Martin sometimes is hard to find the exact layout / design you want but you can buy a theme that is close to what you need and then modify it a little. For example removing the menu should be very simple. Have a look over our portfolio we have some photography themes that might fit your needs and we can help you customize it as you need - https://goo.gl/qzqSNf .

If you want, you can check our Wordpress themes and if you like or have questions, please write/ask us.

Can be easily transform in your example

Best regards

We have aprouved new portfolio theme.
If you want, you can check

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Sent you guys a question though the contact form on themeforrest, looking for some customisation for one of your themes.

Hi, i am afraid we did not receive anything ? could you send it again - or send it as direct message here ? - Cheers. / FastWP Team.


Yeah of course :slight_smile: I’m looking for some customisation on on of your themes.
Torola 3 grid. I’m going to be using it as a portfolio and was wondering if the following is possible.

• Remove the text inside the grid pictures.
• Make the entire thumbnail clickable.
• When clicked, the images should not lead to a seperate page, it should enlarge as it does now if you click the top right corner.
• When enlarged you should be able to navigate though more images of the same sort, like a mini gallery hidden inside each thumbnail.

Is this possible?

You guys still active here?

From your description, I believe NiftyFifty can be a good suite for your needs:

  • it comes with a hidden menu
  • social media links are in place
  • you can create different categorizied projects with large images and navigate between projects

Hopefully it ticks all your boxes :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

It’s close! But when you click the images in the gallery you are taken to a new page, I would like an enlargement of the clicked image to appear ontop of the home/gallerypage, with the ability to click through more images in the same series right there in the enlarged window.

You can create galleries. Like this one

Check http://themes.framework-y.com/y-theme/creative/

please take a look at this theme, made by photographer for photographers :slight_smile: :camera_flash: :camera_flash: :camera_flash:

Looks good! But when you hit the next arrow you go to the next thumbnail from the gallery page. i need to “hide” additional images from the same series in one image. So when you click next it shows you an image that was not visible in the thumbnail gallery. You then exit and choose a new image and potential image series :slight_smile:

Can you do that in this theme?

[Removed competitor link] specializes in photography/portfolio themes. They are based on Genesis (if that matters to you) and have perfect integration with NextGen Gallery.

Although my personal web site is not for photography (it is a portfolio though), I’m using their [Removed competitor theme] theme. I like it a lot.