Squarespace like portfolio theme



I know similar questions have been asked before, but I have a very specific need - can anyone recommend me a theme something like this? www.weareuna.com

Specifically - a simple portfolio theme with ‘masonry’ option, CAPTIONS (can’t find a decent theme with these anywhere!) and variable item size in portfolio (simple example here: http://www.weareuna.com/libra )

I love a minimal theme as much as the next man, but every single theme I look at seems to have ‘overlay text’ on mouse-over for portfolio items, rather than just a simple caption underneath each image.

Many thanks!


Most of themes in themeforest are made with multiple feature. Its good to make a theme for your own use on your choice. If you have any design or you like make a custom template like as the link, please mail at nasir.rubel99@gmail.com