Looking for theme with portfolio shop page

Hi everybody!
My new project is a woocommerce one-page site. The design of it should be similar to Facebook feed - a portfolio that contains text boxes, link boxes, images boxes and products boxes. The idea is to use one page that contains all the content from all site sections - about me, services, shop, gallery, blog, facebook, instagram. The user will scroll down and the site will show him mixed content in boxes from different categories - every box design should be different and useble for different propuse - for example, the “blog box” style should be with a lot of text in it, the “product box” style should be with the product image, description and price, the “facebook box” should show embed post from facebook.
All the boxes should open-up in the same tab (like as iFrame) and the loading of new boxes when scrolling down should be automatic.
Supporting RTL language should be good for me as well.


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Hyy i can help you

Um tema que talvez possa ajudá-lo é o Twenties. Configurando ele de forma adequada, com toda a certeza, lhe dará o que deseja.

You can check our themes, maybe is something that is what you need

Thank you