Looking for a theme with masonry image gallery for posts with sidebar

Hi everyone,

I am finding a lot of masonry wordpress themes but they are not quite what I am looking for. I want a theme that supports a masonry image gallery like the works like the normal image gallery of wordpress but makes a masonry gallery of it.

I just want to upload some images to a post, I select I want to show it masonry style and that’s it.

Is there any theme that has this without having to put the images in a categorie first and then calling on that categorie to show the right images? Or some other extra options. I just want it simple and fast.


You can try with Enfold template.

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Hello , if you need for joomla you can check https://themeforest.net/item/syrius-seo-digital-agency-creative-joomla-theme/19690474

Thanks guys,

@Zaccc that is most likely the best one, thanks i have tried it out and i really like the possibilites, thanks for the help.

@payothemes sorry but I need for wordpress, thanks for thinking with me

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Hi @Granis ,

You can try our theme

And single blog post with Masonry image gallery http://janstudio.net/claue/demo/style-advice-all-men-should-hear/

@Granis I have made plenty sites with that template it is very good.

That’s not really helping now is it? Any examples?

Yeh thanks we really like it too.