Theme Submission Failure

Hello, I recently submitted a new theme I called Micropush. It was a simple photography/ designer theme with lots of customization. Just last night, I realized it was no longer queued for review and seems to have been taken down without a word of response. Is this normal when a theme isn’t approved?

Have you checked the “Hidden Items” tab in your author dashboard?

Yes, it’s empty.

Guess Themeforest isn’t the marketplace for me.

When you submit an item you always get a reply/mail back, from Envato.

###There are two cases:

  1. Your item got hard rejection(Which means it is far away from being accepted).
  2. You got a soft rejection. In this case your item was moved under Hidden Items from your account area.

Note, that in both cases you get notified via email if your item is hard or soft rejected.