Pending theme is gone?

Hey there,

I was waiting for my new WordpressTheme to be approved for upload.
I was around 20 days, I could see it on the Author’s Dashboard page.

Now, my product is no longer there, and I can’t find it anywhere.
This was yesterday.
Is it still being tested ? Was it removed ? I didn’t get any mail whatsoever.



There are two possibilities!

###1. Your theme got a soft rejection
This means it needs improvements to get accepted. If you got a soft rejection please go to your Dashboard->Hidden Items tab. The item should be there.

###2. Your theme got a hard rejection
If it was hard rejected you will not see anything on your dashboard/hidden items tab.

In both cases you got a mail from Envato. Kindly check it. There is explained if its Hard or Soft rejection.


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Thank you for your answer.

Although, I checked my e-mail, also the spam-folder, but nothing there.
I also checked the Hidden Items tab, only my first old attempted (other!) theme, which got soft-rejected.

Maybe I should just re-upload my theme…

Strange. As I said, in both cases you should receive an email. Make sure you are logged in on the correct email address :slight_smile:


The most likely thing is that there will be a ticket and then upload it again.

Wait for the response from the Envato support.

Good luck.

Yea, I sent a mail to Helpcenter about this.

I’ll see how it go on further. If wished for, I’ll place all news about it in here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Still nothing :frowning:

Have you received a confirmation email with your ticket # after submitting request?

I have not :frowning:

On my last ticket I got the reply within almost 48 hours. Its possible to have delays in weekend :slight_smile:. But, don’t worry you will get it.

Also make sure to check the bulk/spam folders.


If you have not received confirmation email, you won’t receive the answer too. Make sure that it is not in spam folder or contact Envato support on Twitter: