Uploaded item suddenly disappeared ?

Hey everyone,

I’ve just uploaded an item 3 days ago, and today while I was looking at my dashboard, I noticed that the bubble with “queued for review” is gone:

Is this normal? Haven’t received any e-mail… Also, looks like now I have the possibility to upload another wordpress item :neutral_face: I just don’t know what happened…

Check your “Hidden Items” tab - if it was soft rejected, you will find your item there. If not, it was hard rejected.

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There’s nothing under Hidden items tab. How can an item be hard rejected in 3 days without any e-mail? I highly doubt it… :thinking:

Check your spam folder - maybe mail is there.

I have seen topics where authors say that the WP is hard rejected after 30min - the standards are really high now - I mean, if the design is not good enough it get hard reject without looking on the code and other features.

Thanks for the reply… No e-mail in the spam folder… I will ask the support team and get back here with their response

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Write to support .
Same thing I was have .
And answer for me was quick !

Got the response from them, the theme was hard rejected with no reason.

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