Theme review - Letter for Envato

Dear Envato,
I have uploaded a theme on your website which after 14 days has been rejected with no consistent reason! I waited 14 days to receive a “Review” which actually is not a review is just an reject or approval status.
The difference between these two is huge, and I will tell you why!
I’m representing a company, and my company created the theme which I uploaded from scratch. We did not copy pasted elements from others work and we did not improved something which was already existing. We worked on it for several months, with a huge amount of time and money. Think that for a company in order to develop a theme you need to have at least a designer and a developer which will spent a lot of time working on the project.
We developed a theme for OpenCart with bootstrap 4, 2 types of headers, 2 types of footer, a 6 colors pre defined pallet, with ajax live search results module, 4 modules for promoting different types of products(all with different features), 1 modules for cart page(not checkout), 1 module for creating mini layouts on each page with existing modules, 1 module for demo interface, a custom template engine in order to be able to install the theme very fast and to be flexible when it comes to opencart versions(which we all know they are code consistent), design materials to start in a few seconds with a simple demo of the theme, installation documents, and many many others. We even have the PSD files…
As you can see only writing all these things took a while.
Now, I know that my theme is not the best one which you have listed on the market but as all others authors have started this was just the first step. Many more improvements should have to come after, cause all the customers will ask for them.
All I wanted to know was if my theme is good enough like it is or not and if not why…cause this is all about on a REVIEW…pro and cons, useful stuff in order to improve things.

And instead I received “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”.
Why you punished us so hard? Is this the way you threat all of your authors ?

I don’t how others are but as for me I had enough. This is the second time I’m in the same situation, and I will promise this will be the last one.

Hi there,
Could you share link of your theme ? Most of rejection reasons are design issues. Just share link and lets try to help you.



Here is about Envato Themeforest probable review time