Curious as to why it takes forever to approve a theme of template

It takes so long, then after all the work you put into a theme or template, 90% of submissions get rejected. Curious as to why this magnanimous problem persists. You should approve ALL working templates and themes. NOT EVERYONE likes the same crap you approve.

Example: I find the new style responsive templates repulsive. I like the old style websites. I am sure I am not the only one. I would say 70% of my customers request simple, easy to manage websites.

You people only approve the templates that the average joe would never be able to edit. Just because we know what we are looking at does not mean everyone else does.

What is the deal? Do you have your favorites and the rest can get lost? I honestly have lost respect for this platform. I thought you all were past the politics

With respect a huge % of the items rejected (it’s not 90% of submissions) are due to fundamental issues in the code, design, or are simply not premium in quality. At no point do envato ‘favouritise’ anyone.

Envato has every right to decide what is and is not sold on their websites, and there are numerous reasons why the review process is so important. Primarily reviews are there to protect everyone including Envato, authors and buyers. Without reviews, quality would drop and overcrowding would lead to less sales and drive authors elsewhere, creating a bad experience for everyone.

We get that the time to review can be frustrating but with as many submissions as there are, even if envato hired (a realistic number) more reviewers this would not change much.

Besides with respect to everyone - looking at how far off the standards some items are which come to forums for feedback; the queue would be a lot shorter if some submissions took the time and respect to review the quality of their own work rather than rushing submissions to chase quick win earnings.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and of course some approval or rejections will be dubious (not exclusive to here) but unfortunately Envato will never be able to please everyone.

Given the balance of quality, quantity and their market leader status, it’s fair to assume that the current approach is close to a best of an impossible situation.


Well now, isn’t that interesting. YOU only approve submissions from certain authors. I DO KNOW THAT. Do not try to insult my intelligence, sir. I have sat back and watched. Like I said, we know what we are looking at. You aren’t talking to someone who does not know. You all rejected YET another theme I submitted. You do not accept anything I submit.

Yet, I sell plenty on my website. HMMM… Interesting. Do not get me wrong. I am not trying to insult anyone, but come on people. Good PR is taking care of the situation. People Are Reading This. Authors who feel the same way. Handle it accordingly, my friend.


Please do not misunderstand - @charlie4282 does not work for Envato, we’re just users like you.

With respect, how does the fact that your items are rejected equal evidence that Envato are favouritising people?

Would you mind sharing demo links to your items? Perhaps someone can help give you feedback to get it approved.

It would be really interesting to understand the model behind a marketplace which approves any working item - can you please share an example?

The marketplace is already heavily oversaturated and the quality standards are already VERY low IMHO.

Maybe share a link to your item and let the community share a feedback if you think the reviewers are biased?