Template Queued

Hi Everyone.

anyone guide me my template under queue in 20days.
So what i do?


Hi @Arklogics,

Review time may seem long, so you need to be patient :slight_smile:


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Thanks for reply

But Review time 17 days

but my Template in 20days :frowning:

That link is only an estimate, rarely includes weekends and can vary for numerous reasons.

If you are over the expected level then it should happen very soon

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Okay :slight_smile:

Why envato don’t hire extra people and review to be faster? I think 17-19 days are ro much… 10 days i think is the best…

Before add limit on account, theme was ro 9 days, then 10…14…17… Is hard if you are not elite, to upload more themes…


The problem is (and it’s been discussed many many times) that envato get literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of submissions a month.

To make any kind of dent this way would mean an unrealistic quantity.

I get it’s frustrating for authors to have to wait longer periods but it’s also important to remember that a large % of the problem is beyond envato’s control.

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