Theme rejected

Hello envato team,

i submitted our theme from more than two weeks and i got rejected without a clear reason “submission is too far off the standards we require”,
so please can you send me a clear reason to update.
and i want to know if i can re-submit again until finalize all requirements?


You can but only once you have made substantial changes and improvements.

okay, but can you provide me what is the major issues in the template

Not without seeing a link to the demo - you need to share that here for feedback

I already uploaded it to your team from 3 weeks.

anyway, here is the demo:


Firstly I don’t work for envato and am not a reviewer.

Almost certainly you won’t get accepted unless it is in English. (English link in the top nav doesn’t do anything)

Without being able to understand the content there are other issues:

  • The design lacks originality/uniqueness from the numerous other magazine style files already for sale

  • Repeating the same image and copy for sets of posts is lazy and does not look very good

  • it appears (again can’t translate it to know for sure) like none of the main nav or posts triggers any other pages or posts?

  • Is it just a home page submission? Are there other pages? e.g. About, post types, categories, alternative home layouts?

  • Footer needs work

  • You must not use images that you don’t own especially of celebrities or famous people