Theme rejection. Please help!

Hi. My wordpress theme have been rejected today. I am a beginner in themeforest and I want some help or advice to improve my theme.

I work hard on it about 4 monts and its a big shoke to be rejected after all of this.

Here is my theme:

And here is other demos:

Please help.

Hello, You’re almost there! I suggest you to check last 25 wordpress blog/magazine theme . so, you’ll have some ideas to improve this theme.

Some areas are:

  1. Navigation (doesnt look premium and has padding issue)
  2. Sidebar (add some more widgets or work with typography)
  3. overall spacing and use different font
  4. Reduce Related Posts (make 3 and remove excerpt texts)
  5. make subscribe button 100% width

Good luck and DO NOT give up ! Cheers!

Thanks for reply.

  1. Navigation (doesnt look premium and has padding issue)
  • You mean mobile navigation?
  1. Sidebar (add some more widgets or work with typography)
  • theme has many other widgets, others have been used in other demos, but I will add more.
  1. overall spacing and use different font
  • can you give some concrete spacing example what to fix?
  • and about fonts: in this demo was used fonts: Lora, Montserrat & Devonshire. In other blogs there are very popular fonts.

4 & 5 I will fix.

And after fixes can I resumbit the theme?

Yes, after all the fixes, you can resubmit.

  1. Nope! I indicated main nav. make all nav item’s width same, For example: all submenu item’s width 200px…just example. You may use uppercase fonts and make them thin, i mean font-weight. etc. Again look at last 25 wordpress theme.

  2. If so, then add almost all widgets in the main demo, reviewer will not check your all demos, the first demo is enough to consider your theme.

  3. all paragraphs should use same color, single post title should be improved. work on all post titles

  4. recent comments and Tags widget should be improved, give some space to the footer. Social buttons should be improved. doesnt look promising…

Now, chek last 25 blog/magazine theme, check their titles, you just wrote : “audio post”, “video post” …“other post” , “sample post” etc.

Just check latest themes, you’ll get the answer… :slight_smile:

I always check each blog theme every day. But I want to do something different, but thank you so much for your advices. Can I give you some other question about item description and more in private messages? I don’t want to waste your time on me, but I really need help from professional.

Can I contact with any of Reviewers to get other advices from him?

What were the reasons given for rejection?

Ooops! Not possible! @DivEngine