Theme purchase refund

It’s better to ask Envato Support these things, normally it is credited back to your Envato Account within a few days. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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How many reais (Brazilian currency) are reimbursed with this theme:


So I showed this image:

But they said:

And now?

Get in touch with -> Envato Market Help and Support

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Now the theme does not appear: AeroMag - News & Magazine Responsive Blogger Template

for download.And now?

Looks like it’s been refunded and now up to the bank / card to credit it as it will have been actioned by envato for it to have been removed

But you saw this:

Nothing here:

Envato can over-rule the author’s decision - just because it’s been approved doesn’t mean it will instantly be back in PayPal - that can take 3 - 5 working days but is beyond envato’s control

But what worries me is this message:

I thought that was the author’s comment.

If in doubt you will need to ask support as they are the only people with full visibility

How do I view my disputes?

The Temaforest removed my theme from the download and the refund was declined. :weary:

What do I say to themeforest?

You need to contact support and ask - thy would not remove the item from your account AND reject the refund. Envato Market Help and Support

I would think the refund was approved and it’s just taking time to get to your PayPal Again only support knows the details.

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Do you really think they made the refund and they said this:


from your screenshot it is clrear that the auhtor declined your refund request. Also we can see you have raised a dispute.

As you have raised a dispute now envato team will investigate it and will take steps as needed. Please wait for the envato team response.


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I may have added content egg to my cart 2 times. Is it possible to get a refund on one of them.

I did not understand you.

Please let me know I am able to get refund one of the content egg purchases. I did not mean to purchase it twice.

Please get in touch with Envato Market Help and Support.