Theme is too slow

I purchased the Herion theme. It looks great, but I’m afraid it’s too slow.

The first time I checked it, the speed was okay, but after some more checking in different moments, I found out its lack of speed.

I haven’t installed it yet, I’m only talking about the preview I’ve seen.

Can I replace it for a faster (Sold on Envato) one, without buying a new one? Or some other solutions? I really don’t wanna have a slow site :frowning:

There are several considerations here -

Demos are bloated versions showing everything off and not a reflection of actual optimised use (this will be the same for any theme)

The author @Wolf-Themes is a power elite so going to produce great items.

Stock themes are not meant to be off the shelf finished solutions and there’s an expectation that you would invest in decent hosting and optimise the website for use.

You can ask for a refund especially if you have not yet downloaded or installed it but a) this definitely would not fail under typical reasons for it being approved and b) you are likely to find the same problem with many other themes too.

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@charlie4282, thanks for your quick response and clear explanations/considerations.

I will install the theme and if I experience some issues regarding speed, I will post here again or contact the author.

Let’s see what the outcome will be.

For now, thank you very much.

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Just to reiterate - it’s more than just installing it, you need to be using proper hosting and go through the process to minify code, optimise assets, and so on. Good luck

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Hi there,

In addition to @charlie4282 reply, here is some complementary information to help you speed up your loading time.

First, be sure that your theme and all plugins are up-to-date and that your server fulfills the minimum server requirements.

Issues you may encounter, such as demo content fails when importing, slow loading speed, and similar issues, are generally related to very low PHP configuration limit settings. Please see our demo as a reference. It offers the exact same content but it loads pretty fast.

Here are some helpful articles about this:

Low Budget Host

Server Requirement

Recommended WordPress Web Hosting

That being said, all live WordPress websites need to be optimized.

Here is a helpful article about how to increase your loading speed, the same way as the demo site:

How to Increase Your Loading Speed

For more help, please post a ticket in the WolfThemes support forum with your website URL and login info. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind regards