Why my wordpress websitei very slow?



We buy a theme from your website the theme link is this (http://www.velikorodnov.com/themeforest/demo-preview/?theme=KnowherePro), after setting this theme, we are facing the speed issue, it is very very slow. Can you please tell me what is the problem with the website and what can be the solution? We have 1 parent wordpress site and 8 child portals related to it and every portal has its own required plugins.

Please if you share some information to solve this issue i will be glad. Please check and navigate through the whole website by visiting the following link.

Website Url: https://ae.dontworry.com


Are you using decent hosting and not a shared package?

Are assets all optimised eg images, minified CSS etc.



No i am suing dedicated hosting !!!


As am only on a phone I can’t see it in detail but it looks like you are loading a lot of different stylesheets and scripts which would be slowing things down a lot


If it’s a new purchase then the best option is to ask the author