So I bought a theme that is so so so slows to load and Its really heavy. Is it good for a refund and get a new one?

I like the designs but the loading speed is unbelievable. Im planning to get a refund and get a new one. What you guys suggest? I did some trouble shooting.

Without seeing the website in action and knowing which theme, it is hard to make recommendations.

Just bear in mind that the theme must be broken to warrant a refund, and there are a lot of reasons why a website may be slow which granted could be down to the theme but it could also be due to optimisation, setup, hosting and many other causes

Yes I understand it. Is it possible to share a link here without breaking any rules?

In this scenario yes - it’s only links to competiting marketpalces or inappropriate cotnent that we ask not to be shared

Hello, Envato declined or the seller declined the refund, consider it a loss. Bought already a new one and I am so happy with it. Ill just move on instead of trying to get the refund. :muscle: Have a great day