Slowness of theme

I purchased theme - easton-electricity-services-wordpress-theme
When I hosted it on my website, it’s very slow. my website is
Please suggest help

Could be the memory issue. Increase the memory and contact the hosting support if the issue persists.

yes we increased the RAM but no change in speed.


I have already spoke to them and they are saying plugins of the theme is taking time. If we disable plugins then it broke the design.

Contact the item author for the support but I don’t think they would be updating the plugin but you can try.

If the theme loads well on the author page and is slow on your server then it is definitely a server issue.

Something similar happened to me in the past, I don’t remember exactly what it was but it was server-side.

Make a screen recording to show them how it loads from the author demo page and from yours this way they can see the difference and see what is going on.

Most hosting companies hate this kind of thing so you will have to insist on this to get help…