Loading webpage takes more than 30 seconds. Help please..

Hi, i am having big issues with the loading time of my webpage www.brechtvanhoenacker.com
The theme forrest is updated, the plugins are updated and the content is compressed as much as possible. It sometimes takes over 40 seconds to load the page. Way too long. Support is not being very helpfull and the author hardly responds to my questions. Please help me out here. I am a beginner in building my own webpage though…


You can contact with your item author may be they will help you our from your issue


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Hosting says disabled - this really would seem like an issue with the hosting rather than the theme

Where are you hosting the site?

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One.com is hosting

Can i enable it myself?

Assuming it’s shared hosting the is still think it’s that but if you are getting disabled then it looks like something deeper may be wrong

If you sort out why you are disabled with the host then they should be able to tell you what the cause of the slow performance is

They told me it is not a shared server… I have sent them a mail. Hopefully they can help me out.

Thanks Charlie, I will keep u posted.
One last question. Where did you seethat the hosting is disabled?

when i visit the site there is an error message