Feedback or Suggestion

Hi all,

Would like to know your feedback or suggestion about my latest item that been rejected.

I would be glad hear from fellow authors :beer::sunglasses:

I gave up after 60 seconds of staring at the loading icon, refreshing the page and then staring at it for another 60 seconds or more.


Oh haha, it’s infinitely loading due to a script error.

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Really? For me its normal loading less than -/+15/20 seconds.

That’s still really slow! I don’t know much about computers, but maybe its faster for you due to already cached content on your computer… or having a local copy of the item?

Ok, tried it again and it loaded in less then 5 seconds. Not sure if you changed anything.

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Images are huge. All are 1200x1200px - and that is the reason why is slow.

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