Please Review my theme why very slow

i face problem during using Ofiz Wordpress theme…its very slow…what i do…Please Review.

Hi @TryVantagePoint

If you feel very slow your website than you can change hosting best use very fast open website.

Hey @JeriTeam
Thanks for your quick response.
As I am using Bluehost the best hosting providers, There are many websites and themes hosted on server there are not issues of Hosting.

You can see the website, I have just installed theme and import dummy data on the theme. You can see it’s taking too long to load and try to open wordpress admin, it’s takes too much time… wordpress editor also takes too much time to load on screen.
Just let me know how we can work with this type of theme that you are providing.
Waiting for answer.

The issue is that there could be a lot of things causing this.

  1. Blue are ok hosts but (like many others) their shared/cheaper end hosting often lacks built in optimisation or notably powerful solutions.

Is your hosting dedicated or shared?

  1. the theme demo is working pretty quick and the author are power elites (a good sign as this is a highly recognised status), which all suggests that the core is ok

  2. if you have just installed the theme and demo content then almost certainly you:

  • will have a lot of unnecessary media and content, which could be stripped back
  • could do quite a bit with caching, minification etc even if this means adding plugins

If you just bought the theme then you have 6 months support so you can reach out to the author but I am almost certain that the first things they would look at or suggest is hosting/setup tweaks