theme installation problems

We bought your wpresent theme about two months ago for our real estate agency on payment of circa $59. Although we have tried all ways, some errors occured during the process and it was not possible to install the theme correctly. There is no problem with our service provider. Due to the urgency of our business, we tried to get some help of your support team. We paid you for that about $50 for installing the theme and $20 for SEO (jop id 79571).
Unfortunately, even after one week your team member could also not install the theme and our problem is still not solved.
In spite of all fullfilments of the requests and payments, I cannot understand the reason, why such an easy service cannot be given by your company. Either there is a problem with your software issues or your team, or I want a clear answer and the problem solved.
we tried to get your support with all possible media, by facebook, twitter, helpdesk, mail etc. but our problem is still not solved. you required and got your money cash but your service??? we are waiting for one month. Are you swindlers?

Support of files is not the responsibility of envato and should be carried out by the author of the theme. Have you spoken to them? Usually they would be willing to help install the theme (not obligated to do so) if you were having serious issues.

When you say you paid for installation - was that via the author or envatostudio? Could they not install the theme at all?

I don’t see a file named “wpresent” are you sure that is the correct name?

What exactly is the issue you are having? What errors are being given? Is it not installing at all or just not look like the demos etc?

The problem is, the only way to get a hold of the author is through the envato website and the theme does not respond. I asked a very simple question over a week ago and they have not responded.