WP Real Estate Word Pro 7 Installation

I paid 61 USD to Envato but the them provided to me by them as mentioned above is not working. I bought it first time from them but mine experience is it a fraud site. Theme cost is 61 USD its is not being installed. Now they ask me another 50USD to install it. Is this the way they work by providing non working thems and then charging more money by installation. Rajesh Sharma - rajesh@indianpropertybazaar.com

When you say it won’t install - what error do you get? “Missing stylesheet”?

Have you read the documentation? Asked the author?

Installation of products purchased from envato market don’t come with installation included. The product seller is not envato, It is a product’s author who created the product and is selling it on envato market.

The theme should be working without any problem. But there could be many other reasons that may cause the issue with theme not being installed. Some of the main reasons can be:

  • You are trying to upload the whole zip file downloaded from themeforest including the documentation files and psd files. in this case you don’t do that. unzip your main zip file and then you will find main theme zip file inside the folder which is being extracted. Error message for example can be : Invalid theme package , missing stylesheet- something kind of that.

  • Your hosting’s upload limit maybe low and you are trying to upload more then what is allowed to you.

  • Theme is installed maybe it’s not similar to demo theme. in this case , you have to import the demo data for the theme to make it look a like same as on preview site from author. (check the documentation files).

You purchase the product from envato as it is, and you also have the support for any error that occurs or support for getting started on product. In Simple words. You have to contact author of the theme and ask him (don’t be rude with them, as the installation is not included and even if they want to install , they are doing a favour). They will surely help you out in case you are doing anything wrong.

** Im not related to theme at all, i’m just speaking with my experience with themes , and more then normal time , the issue is not theme , it’s us that maybe doing something wrong ***


You have sold this product for 61USD with 6 months support included in this product. Now if after downloading the products, you find following the installation steps does not lead to the product installation them what once is supposed to do.

I bought the product since you advertised it beautifully and provided 6 months support with it.

Now if this does not work, just imagine how many like me are suffering in the world.

People spent millions on promotions and here you are supplying working product.

After you make payment, it started asking that pay another 50 USD for installation. Why not you mention when you advertise that cost is 59US and installation is 50USD.

Do you have any explanation about the same.

Product with 6 Month support should be installable at least.


I have downloaded the file which is around 104MB.

Unzipped it. Found the Realestate-7.zip file which is around 43,9MB, After
doing all the uploads, ti asks Would you like to try it again???

Errors shown after upload zip file realestate-7.zip on google cloud

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

I tried to upload the file style.css which again failed giving errors shown

Installing Theme from uploaded file: style.css

Unpacking the package…

The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to
find End of Central Dir Record signature

Do let me know Can I get the problem resolved or get the refund.

Rajesh Sharma
+91 9780555390

Installing Theme from uploaded file: style.css
Unpacking the package…

The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

“Are you sure”. Error is your hosting and nothing to do with the theme. You can bypass this by using FTP such as FileZilla

The reason the $50 installation comes post purchase is because it is an optional extra. There is an assumed level of expertise on buying a theme and the T&Cs we all agree to and info which mentioned on the item pages pre purchase clearly state that installation is not included be default.

My advice would be to begin with a fresh WordPress installation and use the “installable Wordpress files only” option in your download a page and using that zip to prevent any chance of uploading more than just the theme itself.

If in doubt you can ask the author for support via https://themeforest.net/item/wp-pro-real-estate-7-responsive-real-estate-wordpress-theme/12473778/support

I am on google plus and am able to upload other free themes like Modern Estate but this particular theme is not being upload. There are earlier reports too with buyers struggling with same issues.

If other themes can do whyno this one on the same VM instance of Google plus.

Kindly help me or deactivate this theme and refund my money.

Or do let me know whom to escalate as this is not good practice from a company of repute of Envato whose share is around 9USD

Please understand, Guide me or help me or show me the way, ‘How Can come out of this problem’

Rajesh Sharma
+91 9780555390

I’m not sure where Google+ would fit with this but there is a huge difference in complexity and functionality between free themes and premium ones with added features.

Either way this is a general forum - refunds and support you need to follow the link above to speak to the author. https://themeforest.net/item/wp-pro-real-estate-7-responsive-real-estate-wordpress-theme/12473778/support

You can also look here about refunds https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- but be aware if the theme is not broken then you may not be entitled to a refund.

My opinion, you won’t be able to get a refund. It’s not author’s or Envato’s problem if you are not able to install it on your server ( the server configuration may need to be changed )

In that case, I can offer one of my services, if you’re interested in. I could usually install it in few hours.

Please do let me know what best can be done. Installation or refund.

You let me know or mine this hard earned money gors to dustbin and I have
to pay again for running my website.

Rajesh Sharma
M: +91 9780555390
URL: http://www.indianpropertybazaar.com

As explained:

Option 1: ask the author for help - https://themeforest.net/item/wp-pro-real-estate-7-responsive-real-estate-wordpress-theme/12473778/support

Option 2: ask for a refund - https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

Bear in mind that you won’t get one unless the theme is broken which seems unlikely given the rating and number of sales.

Option 3: hire a freelancer to install the theme for you (assuming your hosting is sufficient to handle premium themes) - https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-installation/8157-theme-installation

You just need to choose which option is best for you.

@trustrajesh my advice, try to be human and treat situations like these, calmly. You’ll get better results, trust me.

This is a marketplace with hundred of items sold per minute and somewhere, sometimes, something might not work as expected. But that’s why the authors and people here try to help as much as they can.

Jumping to rate 1 star for an item that’s probably worth thousands of dollars and it’s hard worked during several months isn’t really fair to the author.

Be calm, try to discuss normally with the author and i’m sure things will work out fine. Eventually you want a good looking functional website, right?



I Need the soln preferably as even if you refund me, I need to buy a good
from some other vendor.

I would be great if you can provide me the soln.

Good Day.

Rajesh Sharma
M: +91 9780555390
URL: http://www.indianpropertybazaar.com

Hello! I have tried your file with all the option and this is not a correct file. Even I have imported the file in word-press with wget in shell and it is not able to unzip in the linux server. It says is not a correct file. Kindly refund the money or provide the correct link from where i can import to word press directly. Early response would be appreciated a lot.

This file is corrupt and not uploaded properly. Kindly refund the money at the earliest and can cancel this subscription.

Hogash, This is product is not properly packaged as per standards of wordpress and Linux. Even you can;t unzip in shell after importing with wget.

Hello Charlie,

This Project is not good. I am not able to unzip the file after importing it with wget. I can upgrade the wordpress with the following commands
sudo /opt/bitnami/use_wordpress
cd /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress
wget https://downloads.wordpress.org/release/wordpress-4.5.3-no-content.zip
unzip wordpress-4.5.3-no-content.zip
cp -r wordpress/* htdocs
rm wordpress -rf
rm wordpress-4.5.3-no-content.zip
sudo chown bitnami:daemon -R htdocs

but not able to unzip the file sent by you.

Kindly help to sent the correct product link at the earliest or refund the money.

My simple question to you.

May I ask if the product can’t be installed as per the video and installation procedure sent along with product what needs to be done.

On top of that what customer has to do with 6 months product updates and support on that.

Would you be kind enough to answer my simple questions.

Don’t worry, We have enough big team to demote the Envato for their
inferior products. Let us see what is there in store with GOD for us.