Themes cannot be installed

I recently bought for around 14 USD a Themes but on Wordpress it shows a problem by installing the theme… what should I do?

The most likely cause of not being able to install a $14 Wordpress theme, is that it’s not actually a Wordpress theme! Are you sure you’ve not bought a HTML template? If it definitely is a Wordpress theme then you might be installing the wrong file…

…if that’s not the issue either, then best speaking to the author of the theme. They’re going to be the best person to help:

Thanks for your answer, it is helpful!

I bought the HTML version. So it means I wasted money?

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Is there a WordPress version of the same HTML template? If so I’d contact the author, as while mistaken purchases don’t qualify for refunds, if you speak to them and purchase the WP version, I’d be surprised if they didn’t issue a refund for the HTML version. Make sure to contact them first though before you buy the WP version.