bought a theme on envato market but doesn't work however it does say is wordpress supported ,

bought a theme on envato market but doesn’t work however it does say is wordpress supported ,
bought this twice can you image.

Just get in touch with the author of the theme, he will be able to help you.

Also, if you are 100% sure it is a WordPress theme, make sure to read this

may we know what is your purchased theme title and what issues are you facing?

It doesn’t install - sheet is mising , i did unzip it works however i cant see files that i need.

Just contact the author. Feel free to share the URL of the theme and we can point you in the right direction.

@RandyLaMancha I rejected your posts because those are purchase codes and not the item url - you don’t want to be sharing those

The item url that @LSVRthemes is referring to is the link to the item on themeforest or on envato elements

thank you

bought it on lsvr


If you want our help then please either share the URL to the item you bought, or at least the full name of the item. We can’t read minds. It feels like we have to beg you so you can give us enough information so we can actually help you. If you still need help then please stop wasting our time, tell us in detail what your issue is and which item you bought.


Please check this helpful Theme Installation guide article:


I have tried, does not work,

Ok buddy. I am sorry I hurt your feelings by trying to help you.

Read this carefully:

If you still need help then contact the author here:

Or here:

We just downloaded this from Envato Elelemts (according to your other thread that was where you got this?).

Below is the contents of the folder.

Is that the same for you and what you see also?

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you have to unzip then you will get the theme zip to install. this is what um getting

You have to disable your coming soon page for us to see it.

please check again

yes… i have done this

The theme is installed - you just have not added the demo content or set it up

The theme was installed correctly, you just have to install the demo data and configure it. Please check out the documentation which is in the package.

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