Theme Author Not Responding

I am working with a theme from CodePassenger called GEO $49 plus extended customer support. I sent in a simple query 6/5/18. I received a request for login clarification, to which I responded immediately. I have never heard from them again. I have tried several times to contact the author again with no luck. I tried opening another ticket. Nothing. I tried asking ThemeForest customer support for help. Nothing. I now have a second question, which of course has not been answered. What can I do?

Please help.

Thank you!

Hi @pnichols. Do you have a reference number for your Envato Customer Support ticket(s)? I can check with that team to find out what’s happening.

I’ll also tag in @CodePassenger as they are active on these forums.

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Hi Ben! I’m sorry, I’ve looked everywhere and cannot locate any tickets.

The author responded to me via email.


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Hi Nicholas,

I was sick long time. I’m now feeling well and will give you reply soon,

Have a great day!

Hi, I hope you are ok! I wondered if you had passed away.

I have resolved some of the things I requested help for. I have 2 questions remaining.

  1. Is there any way to make the hero product image larger in the Geo Slider? See pic.

  2. Is there anyway to have the menu appear on open, before scroll? The lack of a menu scares clients, even though it shows up on scroll.

If you could help me answer these 2 questions, I have been waiting 6 weeks for your help. I’m sorry you were ill and hope you are feeling better.

Thank you!